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    Corporate promotional video

    Main Business

    Main Business

    Carbon Sequestration Operation

    Carbon sequestration forest management, carbon sequestration service, green finance

    Development and management of ecological products

    Production and processing of forest products, under forest economy, gardening,Forest park management, ecological conservation and restoration

    Forest Management

    National reserve forest construction, overseas forest land management, intelligent forestry,Eco tourism, forest health

    Seed Seedling

    Seedling breeding, research, development and sales of improved varieties

    Lake Management

    Lake ecotourism, ecological fishery

    Port Park

    Port logistics, park operation, smart Park

    Timber Trade

    Domestic and foreign trade in wood and wood products

    Forestry Innovation Business

    Wood structure, bamboo winding, fungus grass, Camellia oleifera, biomass energy

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    What We Do

    China Forestry Group Corporation (shortened as “CFGC”) was a comprehensive forestry enterprise, set up by the original nine enterprises directly under the State Forestry Administration in 1996, and started to operate in 2001. The corporation mainly engaged in cultivating fast-growing and high-yield plantation domestically, management and reserve of forest resources internationally, production, processing and import and export of bamboo and wood products, forest products and forest tree seedlings. The corporation provides forest tourism service as well as fuel and forest fire fighting equipments and other supporting services for the large state-owned forest regions.
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